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Mar 31, 2021

Is it time to finally move away from SMS text based two-factor authentication? Plus a discussion about a new model that can help consumers with improving their Internet hygiene.

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Mar 29, 2021

This week, co-host Tom Eston shares his top 3 tips to stay more private when you travel this year on vacation.

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Mar 22, 2021

Scott and Kevin finally get together to debate Facebook and Apple privacy, and why you shouldn't conduct a phishing test to trick employees into thinking they will get free Covid-19 vaccines.

All this and more on this week's episode of the Shared Security Show!

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Mar 15, 2021

Why is federal law enforcement (still) asking Congress for encryption backdoors? Attacks on Microsoft Exchange servers seem to have gotten worse, details on an airline supplier data breach, and the real reason Kevin hasn't replaced his Chewbacca mannequin with Darth Vader!

All this and more on this week's episode of the...

Mar 8, 2021

Deepfake video and audio has really advanced in recent years. Will this technology start to erode trust in the media we consume? Microsoft Exchange zero-days in the wild, and why is it that IT security investment on cybersecurity is at an all time high, yet we continue to see more data breaches?

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